Lootom Launches CATV Network Value-added Service Integrated Solution in CCBN2015

发布日期 [2015-05-04]

With the advancement of “Smart City” and “Safety City”, as well as the continued network performance improvement brought about by HFC Bidirectional Transformation project, it is fair to conclude that CATV network value-added service displays a promising prospect, which is meant to be the new growth pole for the CATV network service. Thus, Lootom has long committed to developing one-stop solution for CATV network value-added service.  In this year’s CCBN, as a result of dedicated R&D efforts, Lootom officially launches a full range of CATV Integrated Solution that features video surveillance, emergency broadcasting and WIFI. 

Following is the further decomposition of the integrated solution, which Lootom put forward flexibly in CCBN 2015. The Video Surveillance Solution clearly proves Lootom’s financial and technological ability to develop high-quality product and solution, which in this particular case can be applied to projects such as Intelligent Transportation, Digital Urban Management, Peaceful Campus, and Safe Community; The Emergency Broadcasting Solution which is suitable for multiple network fit perfectly the demand of video broadcast, digital broadcast and IP broadcast, demonstrating Lootom’s prominent technological strength; the Joiku Spot Solution can service transportation junction, shopping malls, hospitals, banks, enterprises., etc

In light of years of experience developing CATV equipment and software service, Lootom has been expanding its foothold into service areas such as CATV Management, Network Planning and CATV Value-added Service. For the future to come, Lootom is committed to bringing about further development of one-stop solution to service our dear customers.