Lootom Awarded Top Ten Internet of Things Enterprise

发布日期 [2015-05-04]

Lootom has been awarded Top Ten Internet of Things Enterprise by the Wuxi Municipal.

The concept of Internet+ has become a topical issue in the wake of the just concluded 2015 “Two Sessions”. In the annual state of the union report, China’s Premier Li Keqiang clearly puts forward that it is necessary that China formulate concrete industry plan for “Internet+”, pushing for the ultimate integration of manufacturing industry, mobile internet, cloud computing, big data and Internet of things. As an national innovation model city for sensor network industry, Wuxi has been putting consistent efforts in cultivating Internet of things industry. According to the statistics put forward in the municipal Internet of things industry meeting, as of 2014, Wuxi’s Internet of things enterprise has numbered 979, of which 10 will be honoured by Wuxi Municipal. Lootom is among the 2014 winner list. 

Lootom’s NGB-based Integrated Management Solution for Intelligent CATV has been granted special support fund by the Wuxi Municipal. This integrated solution includes 8 sub-system, featuring whole-ranging functionality and extensive coverage. It can also ensure all-direction monitoring on all equipment and ongoing operations, which substantially increases the core competitiveness of CATV operators. It has been put into commercial use now. 

Integrated Network Management System

The research subject of Lootom has been the Intelligence Terminal Fusion Technology, which is one step further from Lootom’s already-mature business of outfield transmission network. It aims at achieving the integration of Internet access, cloud data store and big data analysis, providing dear customers with multiple services such as household WIFI connection, voice, data and TV. Lootom is pleased to have been able to bring about another industrialised application pertaining to “Smart Home” and “Smart CATV”.