The architecture of NGB Smart Hybrid Terminal for CCAV Network Officially Issued

发布日期 [2015-05-04]


The Architecture of NGB Smart Hybrid Terminal for CCAV Network has been officially updated to GYT289-2015, of which Lootom is among the drafting units.

This year’s CCBN defines its subject as “Hybrid Intelligent Network Help You Enjoy the Digital Life”. It is the consensus of communication industry that the integration of broadcasting network and Internet as well as traditional media and new media are inevitable. To this end, integrated terminal plays a key role in supporting such functions as media access, contend delivery and home sharing, which will have profound impact on the remodelling of the SARFT business mode and big data analytics. The GYT289-2015 defines the overall architecture in terms of hardware and software, having profound significance on the promotion of intelligent terminal

Lootom will push for the R&D of intelligent terminal meeting the market demand, which hopefully will further enlarge Lootom’s influence.