Never too Late to Act

发布日期 [2015-05-04]

Wuxi Municipal Office hosted the event of “Nation-wide Entrepreneurship on 1st of April, 2015. The General Manager of Lootom, Mr. Jia Qing, had the honour of attending the event, whereby he delivered a keynote speech sharing his own start-up story. The subject of the speech is “It’s Never Too late to Practice Your Entrepreneurship” 



During his speech, Mr Jia shared his entrepreneur journey with all the audience. He started by revealing that the registered asset was only 1million upon the founding of Lootom, which has in a few years grown to sixty million thanks to the solid research efforts, grasping domestic market and strategic cooperation with venture capital. Now, as Mr Jia proudly claimed, Lootom is a well-established cooperation with assets and sales revenue exceeding 300 million. When it comes to the big idea behind his entrepreneurship, Mr Jia added that in addition to the realisation of personal value, Lootom, the company he basically hand-raised,  fulfils its social responsibility by contributing annual tax revenue exceeding 70 million in three consecutive years.


Said during the interview after the speech, Mr Jia gave special gratitude to governments at all levels, which have been granting fiscal and taxation support for enterprises including Lootom. Mr Jia went further to explain that under the current policy, Lootom’ annual R&D budget makes itself entitled to millions of tax exemption. Mr Jia concluded that it is government’s preferential taxation policy that emboldens Lootom to embark on more meaningful entrepreneurial practice.