Lootom Attended the “Technical Seminar of TVOS Evolution and Application”

发布日期 [2015-04-01]

In the afternoon on March 26th, the Technology and Science Department of SARFT hosted the Technical Seminar of TVOS Evolution and Application in the Beijing International Exhibition Centre. During the seminar, SARFT leadership, TVOS workgroup and representatives from network operators have had a productive conversation about the recent development and future direction about the TVOS technology. Lootom had the honour of attending the meeting.   

The TVOS 1.0 System SARFT independently developed basically unifies the various intelligent terminals, achieving a real sense of high controllability and manageability. SARFT leadership summarized the development history of TVOS1.0 and discussed the future prospect of TVOS2.0; Network Operator Representatives presented their TVOS products and shared advices on TVOS subsequent development.

To conclude, this seminar presented an overall showing of technological innovation on NGB TVOS, with a special focus on TVOS1.0 products and services. Equally important is the exploring of likely TVOS2.0 development direction.

Lootom’s attendance marks its official entry into the intelligent terminal products. Lootom is committed to developing intelligent terminal products fully utilising its own enterprise resourecess.