Lootom to Unveil Internal Mentoring Program

发布日期 [2015-03-26]

March 2015, Lootom officially launched the first phase of internal mentoring project, which marks the stepping-up of the echelon construction of human resources.

The aim of the project is to foster talents of high quality. In doing so, Lootom had all members of management in charge of four working groups, namely business strategy, Research and Development, Marketing and Intelligent Management. Each year the project recruits candidates from Lootom employees in accordance with company development strategy and human resource roadmap. Eligible candidates will then be offered rich resources regarding professional training, Experience Sharing, Job Rotation and Project Case Study, which hopefully will facilitate the comprehensive enhancement of employees’ professionalism and competence.

The mentor group vow to uphold meritocracy in a concrete effort to eliminate nepotism and inappropriate emphasis on academic background as well as seniority, providing equal opportunities for all employees. Also, it is the duty of the whole mentor group to point out that all candidates should employ self-leaning and “learn to meet practical needs” mentality.   

Lootom values human capital and will adamantly push for the echelon construction of human resources as a solid step toward ensuring long-lasting growth for Lootom.