The Second Term Employees’ Assembly Conducts its First Meeting

发布日期 [2014-12-18]

The Second Term Employees’ Assembly conducts its first meeting, which was chaired by the head of the labour union Gu Jiming. The leadership attended the meeting along with 64 representatives.

Mr Gu made a plenary speech on behalf of the whole Employee Assembly. The review report focuses on multiple aspects such as strengthening the institution of Employees’ Assembly, safeguarding employee’s legitimate interests, enriching recreational activities, improving the overall quality of all employees, caring for the needy and the labour union expenditure.   

Making the final statement, the General Manager Mr Jia gave special gratitude to all present employees for putting in so much great work and patience to Lootom’s development. Mr Jia reconfirmed the leadership commitment to creating a stable environment for qualified and ambitious employees.

The Assembly elected the new term Labour Committee, Auditing Committee and Female Employee Committee.