Lootom Gains Distinctive Rewards

发布日期 [2015-03-04]

Recently, Lootom has been awarded the certificate of excellent software and Top Ten Enterprise of Binhu District, displaying top ranking performance in marketing, R&D and innovation.

Lootom’s LT Modulated EOC Master Embedded Software V1.0 has gone through stringent preliminary examination, re-examination, quality evaluation and expert review. This reward serves as a comprehensive performance review of software’s technical content and market share. The promotion of EOC products and solution have been bringing substantial domestic and overseas extent, making it a new profit increasing point of Lootom.

In the past year, it is fair to conclude Lootom’s Intellectual Property and Project Declaration have been exceptionally fruitful. The main honours include but not limited to: Grade A Tax Credit, Wuxi Industrial Design Centre, Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Centre, Besides, Lootom’s NGB Based Intelligent CATV Integrated Network Management and NGB Optical Communication Platform receive municipal special funds. These are concrete proofs of Lootom’s technologically innovative ability and core competitiveness. 

            President Jia Receives the Reward of Top Ten Industrial Enterprise of Binhu District            

Excellent Software Design