GDCM300-4GEW EuroDOCSIS®3.0/Wifi

The GDCM300-4GEW is an 8x4 EuroDOCSIS®3.0 wireless residential gateway. It’s a high-performance home gateway that combines a cable modem, 4-GE switch, 2 USB2.0 host adapters and 802.11n wireless access point in a single device providing a cost effective internet solution for both home and small office. It provides a fast connection to the internet by incorporating 8 bonded downstream channels along with 4 bonded upstream channels. These bonded channels deliver downstream data rates in excess of 440Mbps and upstream data rates in excess of 120Mbps.

It is designed to meet EuroDOCSIS®3.0 as well as offering backward compatibility for operation in EuroDOCSIS®2.0, 1.1 and 1.0 network.