HFC Solution

Supported by powerful product development capabilities and 20-year industry experience, Lootom has armed itself with a complete product line, which possesses great adaptability among nationwide cable network. Moreover, Lootom has also developed a series of integrated solutions capable of fully meeting customers’ demand. These integrated solutions are uniquely featured and top ranking. Besides, in response to increasingly differentiated customer demand, we provide customisation service aimed at developing personalised product.  Main products include:


RF PON (RFoG)—Bidirectional HFC Network Transformation Solution 

·         For customers to have a smooth upgrade for original network, simply combine an RFoG return optical transmitting module into original optical nodes.

·         Adopts TDMA technology and optical burst technology, which help eliminate noise aggregation, thus effectively increase uplink bandwidth.

·         Applies PON to optical nodes’ uplink, which essentially reduces the number of optical fibres and front-end optical receiver involved in the project, bringing in considerable cost reduction for dear customers.

·         Featured completely transparent data transmission. Can be smoothly transited to FTTH; can be completely compatible with DOCSIS/HFC

·         Can be smoothly transited to BPON, EPON, GPON, 10GEPON and DPON.


DNIS---Dynamic Noise Isolation

·         DNIS takes advantage of CMTS’s time division multiplexing, which allows simultaneous

·         We can put DNIS components in equipment such that there is no need to change original devices, ensuring a smooth transition. This also can effectively substitute high-pass filter to eliminate noise accumulated in the return path.


Optical Communication Platform

·        This product presents high stability, high density and high intelligence. Also it has aesthetic product design and small noise.  Available installation includes forward optical transmitter, forward optical receiver, backward receiver, preamplifier, RF switch, optical switch and 1550nm EDFA module. It is the only broadband optical transmission platform that features 1550nm transmission and 1310 transmission.

·         4U height, 14~16 general module slot

·         Dual power hot backup(do not occupy the slot)

·         Low power consumption

·         Easily removable fan

·         Full Chinese menu

·         Brand new original frequency conversion fan, which has MBTF higher than 100000 hours


FTTB/FTTH Access Solution

·         Ultra Low Power Optical Receiver

·         Smart Optical Receiver


1550nm Product Integrated Solution


·         1550EDFA: Lootom has a full range of EDFA products that has proprietary intellectual property rights, which makes Lootom the very few manufacturers capable of designing and manufacturing EDFA products in China. Lootom’s products are also the only product which can meet the national requirement. It has great performance and full functionality. In the meantime, in order to fulfil customers’ demand of sub front-side and virtual sub front-side, Lootom has exclusively developed modular EDFA that are appropriate for optical transmission platform and broadband optical integrated platform. 

·         Overlay 1550 direct modulation optical transmitter


Integrated Network Management Platform for Radio and Television System

This platform includes such sub systems as HFC network management, dynamic environment monitoring for machine room, cable detection, CMTS network management, PON+EOC network management, network management for IP equipment, return path channel monitoring, downlink channel monitoring, electronic map, machine room layout, real-time network topology and integrated dispatching.

·         Whole network management and pre-cautionary protection for Radio and Television System 

·         United Network Platform for heterogeneous network. 90% market share of domestic market segment.



E-CMTS can provide voice QoS support for transformed network, achieving the real integration of the three networks. It has high standardization designed to support C-DOCSIS.It is also compatible with Cable Modems supporting DOCSIS2.0, DOCSIS3.0. The downlink has 16 channels, which has transmission speed up to 1100Mbps; the uplink has 4 channels, with a transmission speed as fast as 160Mbps. Total band width numbers 1260Mbps, which fully satisfy customers demand.It also supports IPQAM, being able to utilise downlink resource to perform IPQAM video on demand, HD video on demand and SDV broadcasting. CMTS+PON+ORU three-in-one can bring in considerable cost reduction by simplifying HFC network. It can also effectively tackle problems regarding network coverage efficiency and system noise.

In all, it can fully replace current optical receiver and light workstation in fulfilling NGB requirement as it has completed network management system and high compatibility which supports both Ethernet and EPON.

Key Technology

As an industry leader, Lootom has absorbed numerous key technologies in its own integrated solutions. Examples include RFoG, DNIS, EOC, Optical AGC, Equalizer Replacing, equilibrium electricity adjustment, antenna active integration, overlay auto adjustment, low power, and Surge-protection 6KV technology.

·         Optical ACG can provide stable output level when optical receiving power varies from +2~-8dBM; its low optical receiving power can lower the cost related to front-end optical transmission, which will lower the overall cost level significantly.  

·         Equalizer Replacing is designed to overcome chaotic chip market. By replacing equalizer with general purpose attenuator there comes more convenient debugging and maintenance.

·         Equilibrium electricity adjustment supports remote adjustment, which effectively improve network debugging and maintenance efficiency.

·         Antenna active integration lays solid groundwork for better VOD business

·         Overlay auto adjustment provides better optical inter-cut platform for 1550nms, presenting high stability and reliability.

·         Surge-protection 6KV technology is specifically designed to protect network from lightening surge.