FTTx Solution

FTTx Solution


Our PON OLT equipment in xPON overall solutions adapt to various kinds of network application environment with a lot of network side and user side interfaces. Network side provides FE, GE, 10 GE interfaces through PON OLT equipment, and the user side provides GPON, EPON interfaces. Both are suitable for PON+EOC/PON+CMC/PON + LAN/FTTH to rebuild the CATV network bi-directionally, and support VOD, Internet, IPTV, etc.

Lootom provides the most flexible shape of equipment, and GDOLT2000, GDONU100 series products including GDOLT2000L/GDOLT2000M/GDOLT2000S OLT master and GDONU100 series SFU HGU/MDU slaves, etc.


l      High operators reliability level 

       The master control unit, power supply and other key modules have their own full backups. No interruption protection system offers the high reliability of GDOLT2000-L OLT the most important guarantee, even in the case of redundant control module configuration, it can meet the most demanding requirements for reliability.

l      Advanced system architecture
We adopt distributed, modular design concept and adopt the structure basing on multiprocessor distributed processing mechanism and the air separation exchange architecture. Forward this ensures that the system excellent transmitting performance, powerful business ability and high extensibility. 

l     Strong value-added business functions
It possesses L2 / L3 / L4 line speed exchange capacity, QOS and high performance such as broadband control, multicast and is an equipment located in the core layer network , to achieve the overall optimization of value-added network .At the same time, it provides high quality of service (QOS) assurance system, based on hardware traffic classification, multicast and rate restriction and can provide strong support for the user to carry out the value-added service.

l      Large capacity and high performance
It supports up to 1.4 tbps for routing packet transmission, supporting 512k articles the third layer  routing information, 512k the second layer MAC address, 4096 pairs of VLAN, 8k articles security and access authorization policies, and meets the requirements of the data line transmission.

l      High port density and line-rate routing and switching  
It possesses rich interface type, and provides 10GE, GE, FE, GPON, EPON, 10GPON interfaces, etc. It can realize high port density and line-rate routing and switching, and can biggest provide 128 PON interfaces, 64 ports with thousands MB and 384 ports with over thousand MB.

l      Powerful security capabilities
It supports ACL security filtering mechanism, provides security control function based on the user level, address, application and port .At the same time, it supports the security capabilities of preventing DDOS attacks based on different ports and the broadband limitations of the flow of the entry and exit. In addition, the system also has perfect antiviral mechanism, providing network operations with overall security guarantees.