Service Quality Target

·         Provide professional support to firmly ensure a reliable network operation for our customers, improving overall service satisfaction.

·         Satisfy customers’ demand with sincerity, which brings in professional service that eventually adds value customers

Scope of Service

·         Network planning and solution designing

·         Networking consultation and

·         Maintenance of network equipment and software

·         Software Service

·         Network debugging and optimization

·         Network malfunction elimination

·         Client Training

·         Routine inspection for network equipment

Service Requirement

·         No one is allowed to quarrel with clients for any reasons. It is important that Lootom’s employees bring forward their professional   advice, as long as the customers do not hold on to their own course, which should be resolutely implemented. Even when   customer’s course proves wrong, Lootom’s employees must not issue any complaints.

·         Must not put forth any subjective evaluation on the quality of customers’ equipment and network operation, unless demanded to do   so.

·         Must not provide any service by halves.

·         Must arrive at the site in the first time in the event of any network failure, and utilize the whole corporate resources to service our customers, keeping failure recovery time to a minimum.

·         Must have professionalism

·         Must develop systematical problem solving approach

·         Must take initiative to undertake custom training

·         Must take necessary precautionary measures to properly spot and fix any potential equipment hazards