Career Development

Career Development

Lootom adheres to its own philosophy of ‘help our staffs fulfil their dreams’, which aims at furthering employee career development system and persistently unlocking employees’ potential.

Qualification Management

Qualification basically means competency, which is evaluated by such criterions as formal qualification (education background & project experience), necessary skills (professional knowledge & performance standard), incentive mechanism (encouraging or restrictive behaviour) and reference information (performance assessment and distinctive contribution) .In accordance with job responsibilities, the management team has decided for all categories, namely decision-making management, administrative backstopping, R&D, Marketing, project management and skills, the post qualification criterion. Lootom’s employees therefore have two career trajectory options to choose from: he or she can either move along a certain job promotion channel or move inter-disciplinarily. It is the result of performance evaluation taking the form of periodic qualification authentication, opening debate and professional knowledge examination that determines employee salary and ranking.  

Training and Development  

Lootom has been actively pushing for the establishment of study-type organization, which aims at cultivating life-long learning culture. Specific measures include orientation training, on-the-job training and construction of talent team. 

Diversified Development

Job Rotation: Provide job rotation for employees such that they can comprehensively enhance their skill and knowledge

Job Transfer: Provide job transfer for those willing to try jobs other than the one they are currently in, provided there are job vacancies and candidates have shown strong performance in their original job

Internal Competition: When there are major vacancies, the door is always open for current employees.