Talent Concept

Human Capital

Talented Personnel is the primary capital and core competitiveness for any enterprises. Thus, Lootom’s human resource management is dedicated to facilitating the successful implementation of organizational strategy as well as the delivery of company core values. By putting in place proper qualification system and performance development, which is an integral part of the overall human resource management that contains effective incentive and elimination mechanism, Lootom creates a stable environment where young talents can fully utilise their wisdom and intelligence. By doing so, Lootom has provided its staffs rich training resources and growth opportunities, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship that empowers the staffs and the whole company.

2.    Meritocracy

It is very important for Lootom to judge people by its performance in the level playing field instead of subjective assessment. Also, it is this management team’s duty to fill qualified candidates into proper positions and arrange job rotations accordingly.

3.    Eligible Employees

Lootom conducts its employee evaluation on performance basis. This result-oriented mentality has always been driving Lootom to value staffs with real competence and eliminate disqualified ones.

4.    Talent Standard

(1)  Practically, we want talents with integrity, gumption, responsibility and professionalism.

(2) In the long term, we want talents who always align individual ambition to organisational objective, with a life-long learning mentality.