Company Profile



Lootom Telcovideo Network (Wuxi) co., Ltd (Stock code 300555) is a world-famous enterprise who provides network integrated solutions, services and products for network operators all over the world. It has been specialized in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service for broadcasting TV, broadband network solutions, including the end-to-end fiber access (FTTx), CMTS+CM (HFC), xPON+EOC network construction and network optimization solutions, intelligent home network equipment and systems, video monitoring, video conference, intelligent community, intelligent industry, emergency broadcasting, WIFI covering network, etc. Lootom also provides technical services such as professional network planning design, network optimization, construction, operation maintenance, system integration, etc.

Lootom has strong research and development centre in Wuxi headquarter, Chongqing and Wuhan. The technology staff has chaired and participated the formation of two national protocols, three industry protocols and industry criterion. The published professional papers, patents, software copyright, technical monograph and other intellectual property rights achievements rank top in the industry.

Lootom is a national high-tech enterprise, high-growth priority foster enterprise, outstanding private enterprises, minor enterprise and technology centre in Jiangsu province and top ten new high-tech technology and science and technology innovation-type enterprise in Wuxi. It is also the syndic unit of the Chinese Radio and TV Equipment Industry Association.

"Let the world enjoy a better network". In the future, let's join hands in hands with every partners to expand the progress of network and deeply satisfy the ever increasing demand for colourful online life.